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4th Sunday of Advent, Year A – 2019

Do you have in your life some… ‘wingless angels’?
You smile, but they can be very REAL!

We are used to the representation of old showing us cherubim and seraphim angelic messengers.
It was the imagery of ancient times and it has made its way up to our days.
The illustration of today’s gospel – the dream of Saint Joseph – is one such picture (Mt.1:18-24).

Some may find it helpful, others not.
But the identity and the mission of such messengers remain valid and meaningful.

If you pause for a moment and look at your daily life, you will most probably recognize some people who are there –
there precisely when you need them!

  • There with some information you are looking for.
  • There with some help in a given situation.
  • There with some useful suggestion.
  • There with some discrete friendly advice.
  • And always there with compassion and comfort!

They are the ‘wingless angels’ you can count on – the very manifestation of a presence –
that of the One who made himself: “God-with-us”.

Note: Another reflection is available on a different theme in French at: https://image-i-nations.com/4e-dimanche-de-lavent-annee-a-2019/

Source: Images: russ-ramsey.com   topofart.com (painting, Georges de la Tour)









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