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2nd Sunday of the Year, C

The Wedding Feast at Canathefirstmiracle_wide_t

It seems that we know the text of this gospel scene so well (Jn.2:1-11), we could repeat it with all its details. And that is precisely the danger: perhaps we know it too well!

If someone were to ask me to summarize this text in a few sentences, I would say this. For me this scene is about a woman’s attention and sensitivity to the needs of those around her. And the sensitivity and compassion of God-made-man to those around him.

1st miracle, cana, www.chaosnode.netI can imagine Mary noticing what was happening – a serious shortage of wine for the feast – and making a ‘sign’ to her son, Jesus. Then, THE ‘sign’ followed – that of Jesus, his miracle, changing the water into wine. This part is the one that remains imprinted in our memories, but the previous section is as important: the noticing and the feeling concerned, concerned enough to do something about the situation of need.

We may not be able to work miracles in the strict sense of the word. But do you know the miracles of the 3 Cs? CONCERN, COMPASSION, CARE. These miracles, I am convinced that the Spirit in us is willing to enable us to do them – if only we ask him and are willing, ourselves, to act on his impulse.

Source: Images: kitwechurch.com; www.chaosnode.net


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