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28th Sunday of Year B

We are used to hearing about and speaking of the TWELVE apostles of Jesus.
But was it not possible that the group could have counted… thirteen apostles, or even fifteen?

There is a text in Luke’s gospel (Lk.9:59-61) where we see Jesus calling some people who are not ready to follow him.
And today’s gospel text (28th Sunday of Year B – Mk.10:17-22) shows us another scene where, again, Jesus invites a young man to follow him but… this call is not answered.

The young man wanted a better life, a life closer to God and more faithful to him.
But his existence was already filled with too many things, with too many of the rewards that wealth can provide.
He was not ready to part with all his riches…
We are told: “He went away sad.”

The sadness of holding on to what should be given up…
The regret of not being able to let go…
The heaviness of heart that is clinging to what should be abandoned…
The sorrow of being attached to what causes slavery…
The misery of being possessed by one’s possessions…

A bitter taste: that of delusion, thinking that one is what one has…
A person has become what he/she owns when so much more is offered…

May we overcome such a temptation and be spared such a fate.

Note: another reflection is available on a different theme in French at: https://image-i-nations.com/28e-dimanche-de-lannee-b/

Source : Image : lds.org


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