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1st Sunday of Lent, Year A

  We are all familiar with the use of magnets. A mechanic finds very useful a screwdriver with a magnet to gather screws and bolts.
A seamstress also sees as very practical her scissors with a magnet to pick up pins scattered on the floor.
And many of us have those small magnetic items stuck on the door of the fridge as ‘Bear in mind’ message holders.

These items exert a strong pull on different objects and, as such, I find them an excellent example to illustrate what… temptation is!
For this is very much the theme of this 1st Sunday of Lent, Year A.

What is a temptation really?
We all know it… from experience!
It is a strong pull, a powerful urge awakening in us a desire.
It leads us to want, to want urgently, absolutely, something… someone…

The scene of Jesus’ temptations in today’s gospel (Mt.4:1-11) shows temptation emerging mostly in 3 areas – the areas of… the 3 Ps: Pride – Power – Pleasure.

And our own lives will provide occasions a-plenty, for temptation to manifest itself in the same 3 areas:

PRIDE: Too much arrogance – Not enough respect for others.
POWER: Too much domination – Not enough compassion.
PLEASURE: Too much selfish enjoyment – Not enough true joy shared with others.

Lent is a good period to look precisely at this: the too much and the not enough aspects of our lives and… to increase and to diminish the respective amounts according to the gospel message!

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