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Ascension of the Lord, Year A

In the Bible, there are many texts which are truly beautiful.
They are inspiring, encouraging, consoling.
They give light, they provide strength, they bring healing.
They can lead to the truth, instill wisdom, and enrich our daily life in so many ways.

When I ask different people what their favourite verse is, they come up with different answers which express what, for them, is most important and helpful.

For me, one verse which I find especially meaningful is the last sentence of today’s gospel (Ascension, Year A – Mt.28:16-20):

I am with you always, yes, until the end of time. »

A clear affirmation.
More still: a promise, simple and straightforward.
No condition, no restriction.
No limitation, no reservation.

It is expressed in the present –a present that is continuous, on-going, permanent.
If only… we accept it with an unshakable conviction and allow it to be realised in our lives, day after day…

Source: Image: Pinterest


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