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World Day on Climate Change – 8 December


A shift towards a new era of implementation and action on climate change and sustainable development has been signaled by Heads of State, Heads of Government and Delegations from all over the world through the Marrakech Action Proclamation. (Marrakech, 17 November 2016)

The Proclamation celebrates the unstoppable global momentum on climate change and sustainable development action by governments, businesses, investors, sub-regional government and cities.

It calls for the highest political commitment to build on that momentum so that climate action can fully support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for the benefit of people and the planet.

The statement issued at the end of the gathering said: « Our climate is warming at an alarming and unprecedented rate and we have an urgent duty to respond… As we now turn towards implementation and action, we reiterate our resolve to inspire solidarity, hope and opportunity for current and future generations. »

Source: Text & Image: UN


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