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3rd Sunday of Easter, Year A

“We had hoped…”
“We had thought this would happen…”
“We expected we could do this…”
“We had anticipated the coming of…”
“We had prepared for that event…”

The very mood of two disciples on the way from Jerusalem to Emmaus (Lk.24:13-35) after the terrible event of the past Friday.
They must have said to themselves that they had been foolish to believe that things could be otherwise…

And suddenly… a stranger joins them on the road and he tells them, in so many words, that they are indeed foolish – « foolish men » (v.25) not to understand what the Scriptures had foretold.

What happened then is something quite unexpected: their hopeless hearts become ‘burning within’ them as they tell each other.
They can hardly believe it and yet… they cannot not believe – it is true, it is REAL, HE is real, he shares bread with them – He is risen.

It was unexpected, unforeseen, unimaginable, unbelievable…
Perhaps… the unexpected, the unforeseen, the unimaginable, the unbelievable is the very place where God likes to make himself present.
There – in all that we no longer hoped for – he can suddenly give so much more than we could ever have dared to expect!


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