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21st Sunday of the Year, A

Questions, questions!
Our world is full of them, our lives are full of them – we can’t escape them!
Our minds search and struggle to find the answers – the correct answers, of course.

“What is this?”
“Where did you go?”
“Whom did you meet?”
“How did you manage?”
“Why did you do this?”

Some questions may be important, very important in themselves.
Others may become so because of the person addressing them to us.

And what if it is… God himself who questions us?
This is what happens in the gospel of this Sunday (21st Sunday of Year A – Mt.16:13-20) where Jesus (God-wit-us) asks his apostles:

“You, who do you say I am?”

This question is over 2000 years old and yet… very actual because we know that – in a mysterious way – it concerns us as well!
As you read these words your mind may be already at work.
If you ask yourself who Jesus is for you, the answer coming may be one of those memorized long ago:

  • He is the Son of God, the second Person of the Holy Trinity.
  • He is our Saviour, our Redeemer.
  • He is the Good Shepherd.
  • He is…

And if I stopped you there and asked as Jesus did: “Who is he for you?”
This Sunday provides us with a good opportunity to become aware of this – aware of who he is for us, in our lives, from moment to moment.
Aware of what he wants to be and what kind of very personal relationship he wants with each one of us.
Yes, this is a unique occasion to REAL-ize this!

Source: Image: Free Bible Images


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