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World Hemophilia Day – 17 April

World Hemophilia Day is a special opportunity for everyone in our community to come together and support those with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. On April 17, 2017, the tradition of “Lighting it up red” will continue and people in cities around the world will light up major landmarks in red to show support for the global bleeding disorders community.

One of the objectives of the “Lighting it up red” campaign is to create visibility for people living with a bleeding disorder so that they know that the WFH and their peers are there for them. The event is also done for those who may not be aware of our community—for those who do not have a diagnosed inherited bleeding disorder.

To that group of individuals, “Lighting it up red” is an invitation to find out more about World Hemophilia Day and inherited bleeding disorders. It’s also an opportunity for them to learn about the fact that many people have an inherited bleeding disorders and are not diagnosed, or live with one and don’t have access to care.

The WFH was established by  in 1963 and has its headquarters in Montreal, Canada. It has member organizations in 113 countries and official recognition from the World Health Organization.

Source: Text: WFH, Wikipedia  Image: WFH


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