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World Giraffe Day – 21 June

World Giraffe Day is an annual event initiated by GCF to celebrate the tallest animal on the longest day or night (depending on which hemisphere you live!) of the year – 21 June – every year!

World Giraffe Day helps raise support, create awareness and shed light on the challenges giraffe face in the wild. By supporting World Giraffe Day , you directly help save giraffe in Africa. With only approximately 117,000 giraffe remaining in the wild, the time is right to act NOW!
Five Facts about Giraffes

Fact #1:

There are four distinct species of giraffe: Northern giraffe, Southern giraffe, Reticulated giraffe and Masai giraffe.

Fact #2:

Just like human fingerprints, no two giraffe have the same coat pattern.

Fact #3:

The giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world. Even newborn giraffe are taller than most humans.

Fact #4:

Giraffe have lost almost 90% of their habitat in the last 300 years.

Fact #5:

For every four elephant, only one giraffe remains in the wild in Africa—a drop of approximately 30% in the last three and a half decades.

Source: Text & Image: https://give.giraffeconservation.org/appeal/wgd24/


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