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World Bipolar Day – 30 March

Like many mental illnesses, bipolar has become a flippant by-word to describe an unpredictable, emotional person. But for the millions of people who deal with themisunderstood condition, bipolar is not a joke.

On World Bipolar Day, those living with the disease, as well as the health experts and charities who help them help to cope, raise awareness of the disease.

Nia Charpentier from Rethink Mental Illness told The Independent: “Bipolar disorder causes your mood to swing from high (mania) to low (depression). Everyone experiences changes in mood but when you have bipolar, the symptoms are severe, affecting all areas of life.

“Bipolar disorder is often misunderstood. Awareness raising is absolutely crucial to reduce the stigma that surrounds it, we know many people with mental illness say the discrimination and prejudice they face can be worse than the illness itself.

“Alongside this, people with Bipolar need a mental health service that’s fit for purpose. For too long support for mental ill health has been the Cinderella service, neglected and underfunded.”

Source: Text: Independent  Image: Pinterest


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