There are people we are drawn to – their look, their skill, their attitude –
whatever it is, there is something in them that attracts our attention, and awakens our admiration.
We marvel at the realizations of a talented artist, writer, painter.
The skill of an athlete may provoke our amazement.

But in most situations, we will stop at that – amazement, admiration –
we will not think of imitating those people.
We think they are too talented for us to try and emulate them.
We consider their talent and their skill to be far too great for us to try and do the same.
Be as they are? Most of us would not imagine this for a moment.

This is the reason why the text of today’s 2nd reading is quite astonishing (Philippians 2:1-11).
Writing to the first Christians of Philippi, Paul tells them:

“In your minds, you must be the same as Christ Jesus.”

Another translation of the words of the apostle Paul says:

“Your attitude must be the same as that of Christ.”
Thinking as Jesus thought, valuing what was important for him.
Being as he was in our actions and relations.
This is what is expected of a Christian.

One of the Fathers of the Church, Gregory of Nyssa, said that “a Christian is another Christ”.
“Another Christ”, no less!

Many people would spontaneously react saying: “Impossible! Who can do that?”
Of course, it is impossible for us to become such… on our own!
But precisely, we are NOT on our own.
Jesus has promised us – and sent us – his own Spirit to enable us to be as he was.

From the moment a person is baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
this promise of Christ, this gift of Christ, becomes alive, real, active!
The impossible is no longer so, God’s own power is active within us.

If only… we believe it… and act accordingly…
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