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Ascension, C

www.pinterest.comWe repeat the words every time we recite the Creed : « He ascended to heaven…”  It is possible that our lips pronounce the words without our giving too much attention to what we speak. But this is what our celebration is about today. The 1st reading (Acts 1:1-11) tells us: “He (Christ) was lifted up while they looked on, and a cloud took him from their sight.”

We try to picture the small group of men, simple people, used to the tangible daily realities, witnessing this happening. We are told: “They were staring in the sky…” I believe I would have done the same! They must have thought: “What a POWER!”

Of course, during the past three years, they had seen Jesus’ power curing sick people, even raising some from the dead. They were in the boat when he had commanded to the wind, calmed the sea and the storm had abated, but THAT now… moving up into the sky, going through the clouds… that was absolutely astonishing!

Many years later, the apostle Paul (2nd reading: Eph.1:17-23) will express this in a language that no one could have used at the time:
“(God’s) power at work in Christ,
when he used it to raise him from the dead
and to make him sit at his right hand in heaven.”

Just before his Ascension Jesus had told his friends:
“I am sending down to you what the Father has promised (the Spirit).
Stay in the city then, until you are clothed with the power from on high.”  (Gospel Lk.24:46-53)

Paul adds that God has also used this power “for us believers.” You may be wondering… where… how… has God used his power for you, in your life?
Today’s feast may be a good occasion to find out… and to remain assured that he is still using this power for you, in you…

Source: Image: www.pinterest.com


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