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5th Sunday of Year B – 2021

When the name ‘JESUS’ is mentioned, everyone hearing the word tries to picture the one known as ‘the Man of Nazareth’.
Pictures of him abound in books, magazines, and now the web offers also countless representations of him.

I, personally, think that the best way to know him is to look at how he shows himself in the gospel.
In the text of this Sunday (Mk.1:29-39), three ‘pictures’ of him are given to us.

  We see him healing people, praying, and preaching.

These three images represent the main aspects of his personality:

a man of compassion,
a man of God,
a messenger of God.

In him, we meet God and we experience the compassion of God,
we receive God’s message and God’s healing.

Of course… we need to ask for it…

Note: Another reflection on a different theme is available in French at: https://image-i-nations.com/5e-dimanche-de-lannee-b-2021/


Source: Images: www.thechurchofjesuschrist.org   freepik.com


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