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3rd Sunday of the Year, A

‘Turn on the light,’ – it is an expression that we hear very often. All the more so in this mid-January period when the clouds seem to be ever present and darkness more obvious in the mornings and evenings. The solution is close at hand: we switch on the electric lamps which bring the desired illumination.

But, somehow, we sometimes feel that this kind of illumination is not sufficient. Our eyes may benefit from the additional light, but it seems that something else is missing… light for our minds for our hearts. The very kind that the prophet Isaiah speaks of in the 1st reading of this 3rd Sunday of the Year, A (Is.8:23 – 9:3). He says:

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light;
on those who live in a land of deep shadow a light has shone.”

And with this light, come joy and a sense of liberation also provided by God for his people.

Reading these lines, some may think: “That happened long ago…” And it is true. But has God stopped doing this? I like to believe that he has not and that light, joy and a sense of liberation, are also there, ‘at hand’ so to speak, for us as well. Shadows and darkness need not envelop our days like a dark cloud.

And yet… at times, we feel they do… this dark cloud may take the form of our doubts, our worries and our fears. This is where a ‘great light’ is needed to dispel our inner darkness.

So, perhaps our often-repeated words can become a genuine prayer: ‘Turn on the light… please, Lord, YOUR light!’

Source: Images: Pixabay;   1wallpaper.net



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