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2nd Sunday of Year C – 2022

Questions are very much part of our daily conversation – questions of all kinds.
We ask them from friends and neighbors, family members and colleagues.

The scene of today’s gospel gives us an example of such questioning (John 2:1-11).
At Cana, Mary approaches her son to mention the situation that has arisen at the wedding feast they are both attending:
“They have no more wine.”
Jesus answers his mother with a question:
 “Woman, why do you involve me?”
Hearing the question, Mary may have remembered another question, one asked by her son long ago.
At that time, Jesus was only twelve years old but he had already voiced such searching words (Luke 2:41-49).

On both occasions, Mary remains silent before Jesus.
But this time she speaks, not to him, but to those who will take part in what her faith dares to ask for:
« Do whatever he tells you », she says.

On her request, it seems that Jesus has anticipated the time – he calls it his hour –
to show something of God’s presence and God’s intervention for people.

Because this is exactly what Jesus does:
he manifests, he makes clear, that God does come to our help in time of need.
And a wedding feast short of wine is as good a place as any for him to show that he cares for people!

But there are also the questions that God, in turn, may ask of us!
God’s questions may reach us in different situations…

  • A reading from a book may suddenly awaken something in us…
  • An email, or a letter, from a friend may challenge us in an unexpected way…
  • A phone call from a relative may remind us of something we had pushed away from our awareness…
  • The sight of a generous gesture from a stranger may be an invitation to the best in ourselves…
  • A comforting word overheard from a patient in the waiting room of a clinic may inspire us with something we did not expect…

All of these, and many more, can transform themselves into questions – questions from God.

At the beginning of a new year, it may be helpful to hear anew these questions that we may not have dared to listen to until now…
And to remember Mary’s words: « Do whatever he tells you. »

We may be quite surprised at the result!…


Note: Another reflection on a different theme is available in French at: https://image-i-nations.com/2e-dimanche-de-lannee-c-2022/

And in a video, also in French, Teresa Penafiel shares her own thoughts on this scene of the wedding at Cana: https://youtu.be/XRKyex5S_uw



Source: Image: LDS Scripture Teaching


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