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World Blood Donor Day – 14 June

Safe blood supplies are a scarce commodity – especially in developing countries. World Blood Donor Day is an occasion to raise awareness of the problem and thank donors worldwide. It is held girl-w-logos-630anually on June 14. Giving blood is easy and saves lives.

Many events are held around the world on June 14 to mark World Blood Donor Day. These include football matches, concerts and mobile blood donation clinics. In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) called upon communities world-wide to symbolically « paint the world red » by coloring, covering or lighting monuments and landmarks.

Despite about 92 million yearly blood donations worldwide, safe blood is constantly on high demand, especially in developing countries. World Blood Donor Day falls on the birthday of Karl Landsteiner (June 14, 1868). He created the ABO blood group system, which is still used today to ensure the safety of blood transfusions.

Source: Text: timeanddate.com  Image: WHO


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