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Ordinary time?

the-different-between-ordinary-and-extraordinary-is-that-little-extra, designcarrot.coChristmas has gone by, the New Year has been with us for 10 days now, and we have celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord – so we are back to ‘ordinary time’, or… are we?

« It might seem like a contradiction in terms but Ordinary time can be special. Most of our lives are ordinary. They are not spectacular, full of extraordinary experiences or achievements. We live in quite ordinary houses and do ordinary jobs and have ordinary friends. But that is where we meet God. In our day-to-day relationships, whether working or out of work with the children, in the parish, going shopping, planning our day or simply doing what we’re told, we are walking with the Lord.

Ordinary is described as ‘normal, customary, usual, commonplace,’ and that is where we are most of the time. And that is also where God loves us most of the time. He loves each one of us with a personal love. He makes the ordinary to be quite extraordinary and special.« 

Source: Ed. Hone, cssr., Sunday Bulletin, 2nd Sunday in ordinary time, 19th January 1992


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