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International Angelman Day – 15 February

People with Angelman Sydrome have the same basic wants, needs, hopes and dreams as anyone else – a need to feel loved, valued and included, and to experience caring and understanding relationships with family, friends, peers, teachers and their community. An exceptional gift that those with Angelman syndrome usually offer, is affection, joy and unconditional love. All they ask for, is that others take the time to get to know them as an individual, and respect the challenges they face.

Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a neuro-genetic disorder of Chromosome 15 that results in intellectual and developmental delay. It affects about 1 in 20,000 people. Individuals with Angelman Syndrome may speak only a few words. Many have mobility issues and may be wheelchair users. Most suffer with seizures and all require life-long 24/7 care. People with Angelman Syndrome are known for their wonderful smiles & warm personalities. M

The condition is named Angelman Syndrome, after Dr Harry Angelman. In 1965, he was the first person to make an observational diagnosis of 3 children who displayed very similar characteristics.

Source: Text & Image: IAD


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