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I’ll quit!…

Autumn lingers on… Summer is long gone and winter is late coming – late, that is, in bringing the beautiful snow-landscapes we recall and enjoy. The days are short and dark, rain is often there, wet, sometimes slippery and always unpleasant. And, if truth be told, at times our thoughts are also unpleasant. Life is not easy and there’s not much to cheer us up.



Have you ever been tempted to send this note to . . . God?!

You smile! But sometimes, we feel like that, don’t we?

We’d like to drop some commitment, forget about some responsibility, give up some demanding task and abandon whatever seems too heavy a load to carry at the moment.

Recently, I came across a poem with much humour and wisdom. Let me share it with you.


« I’ve taught a class for many years;
Borne many burdens – toiled through tears,
But people don’t notice me a bit;
I’m so discouraged – I’ll just quit.

Sometime ago I joined the choir
That many people I might inspire;
But people don’t seem moved a bit
And I wont stand it. I’ll just quit.

I’ve led young people day and night
And sacrificed to lead them right.
But people wont help me out a bit,
And I’m so tired, I think I’ll quit.

Christ’s cause is hindered everywhere
And people are dying in despair.
The reason why? Just think a bit;
The Church is full of people who quit. »



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