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Giving Tuesday

As an organization, GivingTuesday promotes the concept of radical generosity— »generosity not as a benevolence that the haves show to the have-nots but rather an expression of mutuality, solidarity, and reciprocity. » To that end, they execute several year-round activities to support the generosity sector around the world.

GivingTuesday has a global presence through 75 country movements spanning the world, each representing their own unique cultures and needs, while remaining united in their determination to mobilize their countries around generosity and shared humanity. In each country, a team of entrepreneurial leaders work with their own ecosystems of communities, nonprofits, platforms, religious institutions, families, schools, and private sector partners to drive increased giving, connection, and innovation.

At a local and cause level, GivingTuesday operates through an interconnected network of leaders working toward a common goal. Around the world, hundreds of GivingTuesday communities are led by a range of handraisers: community foundations, nonprofits, giving groups, giving circles, and social activists. In the U.S. alone, more than 240 GivingTuesday communities and coalitions drive generosity among people with a common connection to a geography, cause, culture or identity.


Source: Text: en.wikipedia.org  Image: Dreamstime.org


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