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Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, C

Last-Supper-croppedOur memory is a wonderful ‘instrument’ indeed. It is amazing what it can do. It has the power of bringing back to our minds things long past. It suddenly awakens memories of events of long ago, happenings great and small, pleasant encounters, even the faces of people who have since disappeared from our lives.

Yes, ‘memories’ and souvenirs are part of our ‘emotional baggage’ and they still influence in different ways our thoughts and attitudes. Of course, an important part of our lives is the place that our loved ones hold, what they are for us. Some of the relationships we have with our relatives, friends, and colleagues, are precious to us and we store in… our memory the souvenirs of the experiences shared with them.

This is what Jesus was referring to when, on the eve of his death, during the Last Supper he had with his friends he told them: “Do this in memory of me” – words that Paul repeats to the Corinthians in the 2nd reading (1 Cor.11:23-26).

Jesus asks us to remember him:

– Remember this gift of himself in the Eucharist.
Remember who he is and what he wants to be for us.
Remember what he has done for us, and what he is ready to do for us in the future.
Remember what he taught us, what he asks us to do and to be.
Remember what he has promised us,  what is waiting for us.

Indeed, there is much to remember and… to keep in mind. Every Eucharistic celebration, and especially that of today’s feast, helps us to do so.

Source: Image: saltandlighttv.org


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