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Don’t forget

dont forget

How often do we not speak these words? To make sure that we are indeed recalling certain things, remembering some events and . . . NOT forgetting people – those near to us, and those not so near. And what about… God?Shema Israel

He wants to be remembered, of course. Long ago, he gave his people, the people of Israel a special commandment telling them to use a practical means to remember him. This text – the most important one of the daily Jewish prayer – is called: « Shema Israel. Listen, Israel. » The Jews were to sew a special kind of fringe to the hem of their clothing as a visual reminder of their Covenant with God. « You shall look upon them (the threads of this fringe) and REMEMBER all the commandments of the Lord and fulfill them. » Numbers 15:37-41

memory of me

And we, Christians, are the followers of Him who, on the eve of his death, told us:


Are we forgetful?… Do we remember?



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