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7th Sunday of Year C

If you were to ask me what I find most difficult, near… impossible, in living as a Christian,
my answer would come without hesitation: to forgive our enemies.
Our enemies or… those we believe are such!

It is already difficult, sometimes very difficult, to forgive our friends!
And we are asked to forgive those who are against us,
those who intend to hurt us or have done so already.

The 1st reading of this Sunday (1 Sam.26:2,7-9,12-13,22-23) shows us  
someone who has done this in an amazing way.
We meet David who is fleeing before King Saul who wants to kill him.
David is given a unique opportunity to destroy the man who wants him dead.
One of his companions intends to do exactly this but David refuses.

He spares his enemy, not out of fear, but he is convinced that he should not touch
« the one who has been anointed by the Lord.”

This takes place many centuries before Jesus coming into our world
and telling us to love our enemies.
Near to impossible for us? Yes, at times really.
But, precisely, we are not asked to do it on our own.
In fact, only God’s help can enable us to do this.
But his help is always offered…

There is an inspiring story about Nelson Mandela who, coming out of prison, was asked:
“How can you forgive those who have treated you so badly for so many years?”
Mandela replied: “If I did not forget, I would still be a prisoner.”

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Source: Images: keyway.ca  JesusWalk   abcnews.go.com




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