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5th Sunday of Easter, Year A

There are some who say: “It is a pity we do not know enough the message of Jesus…”
I sometimes think to myself: “It is a pity we know too much the words of Jesus…”

This may sound surprising but I believe there is some truth in the second statement.
What I mean is that, so often, when the text of a given gospel is being read to us, from the start we may think:
“Oh, I know that story of Jesus…” and we switch to… other thoughts!

The text is so familiar that we think we know it… enough to pass on to something else which may be of more concern to us at the moment.

This reflection came to me as I read the text of this Sunday (5th Sunday of Easter, Year A – Jn.14:7-14).
Jesus says clearly: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
                                   No one can come to the Father except through me.”

After the first words, you could have completed the sentence yourself – you probably know the text very well.
But have the words not surprised you?
Have they not raised some questions in your mind?

Did you notice that Jesus did NOT say: “I know a way to reach God, I will show you the way to the Father.”
NO, he said: “I am THE Way.”

He did NOT say either: “I know the truth; I know all truth, I can teach you whatever is true.
NO, he said: “I am THE Truth.”

Again, he did not say: “I can give you life, life to the full, a life that will go on for ever.”
NO, he said: “I am THE Life.”
If you know from experience the feeling of being lost… of not knowing what is real and true in life… of not living really but only… well, existing, as some will admit – then, these words of Jesus will have a special meaning for you.

So, it seems obvious, does it not?
Following him we will have found THE Way, we will have discovered THE Truth, we will indeed be living THE Life he meant for us.

It is all a matter of following him… some do so at a distance, sometimes wandering far away for a while.
Others keep him in sight but follow their own paths…
And there are those who follow him closely, placing their steps in his own…
I would say: this is the meaning of being a disciple of his, would you not?

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