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4th Sunday of Advent, Year C

Just a few days before Christmas, many of us are rushing – hurrying to do this, to go there, to buy that. So many things to do, so many tasks to see to, so many people to contact…

So much, so many – it seems a mountain to climb to accomplish all that we are faced with before…

Before what?… Well… before Christmas!

The gospel text of today (4th Sunday of Advent, Year C – Luke 1:39-45) shows us Mary, precisely before Christmas. She, too, is in a hurry, we are told, and she too has a mountain to climb (at least, a hill, as the text describes it).

“At that time Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country…”

She has just been visited by an angel, she has been asked to be the mother of God’s own Son and… she goes – she gets ready and moves on, not for herself but to help someone else. 

Some people would have expected her to stay home and reflect on what has just happened… Reflect, meditate, contemplate, adore – of course! Yes, of course, she will do all that, I believe… on the way!

Perhaps our own way to prepare for Christmas could be similar to hers: Reflect, meditate. contemplate, adore… in the midst of all the chores and duties that we are faced with.

If that way was good enough for her, should it not be good enough for us?!


Source: Image: infovisual.com

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