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2nd Sunday of Year C

A catastrophe! A crisis! A disaster! A disgrace!
A joyful celebration has turned into a shameful situation: no more wine at the wedding feast.

Of course, the story of today’s gospel (Jn.2:1-12) is well-known to us and we are familiar with its happy ending.
But let us suppose for a moment that the conclusion is yet hidden from us.
What could be called the ‘process’, or the development, of the situation would appear quite astonishing.

Mary informs Jesus of the unfortunate happening but he does not seem keen to intervene.
However, Mary approaches the servants and tells them:
“Whatever he may say to you, do it.”
She must have made it clear to them that she was referring to her son.
Amazingly, the servants will do exactly what Jesus tells them.
And it is amazing indeed.
The six large containers of about 34 liters each were meant to contain water, not wine.
And the water was to be used for the ablutions of the guests who were joining the feast, not to serve… wine!

We can imagine the surprise, the utter astonishment of the servants drawing from the jars what they were surely expecting to be… water!
Jesus was not known as a ‘miracle worker’… yet – John says this intervention was Jesus’ first sign.
So his credentials as either a prophet, or a man of unusual power, were not yet established.

The servants may have been doubtful… hesitant… reluctant… to do as they were told.
In fact, they may have wondered if people would not laugh at them…
Yet, they did, yes, they did what Jesus told them to do.

There are other situations where WE are concerned…

We may be doubtful… hesitant… reluctant… to do as we feel God expects us to do.
What is the outcome of the ‘process’ of OUR discernment?

Note: Another reflection on a different theme is available in French at:  https://image-i-nations.com/2e-dimanche-de-lannee-c-2/

Source: Image: curvetube.com


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