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2nd Sunday of Easter, C

It may have happened to many of us, the experience of missing an important occasion. We did not know it would take place. It was not planned, we had not expected that a person would come at that moment – but he did and we missed his arrival. Of course, we would have liked to be there but… But did the person REALLY come, or… no, it can’t be!…

This was the situation of Thomas, Thomas the apostle. His character is well-known to us, at least one aspect of it! The Thomas who will not believe without proofs. Thomas who is not easily convinced of things that are just too much to believe. He will not be ‘taken for a ride’, as the popular expression goes! He is not that gullible! His friends tell him that a man who died a few days before has been visiting them – no, this can’t be. The others want him to believe that, unexpectedly, doors closed, all of a sudden, their Master who was crucified has… catholico.wordpress.comappeared, yes, appeared from… nowhere!

His position is clear: he cannot give faith to that… that story of theirs. He will believe it only if he can make sure that it is true, that it is REAL. He needs a proof – THE proof which will convince him such as touching, yes, putting his fingers into the wounds of Jesus, placing his hand where the spear of the soldier entered the side of Jesus’ body.

One day passed, two days, more days followed and then… the unexpected happened again but this time Thomas was present. Not only was he there but he was addressed personally: “Thomas, put your finger… give me your hand… put it into my side…” It was exactly as Thomas had asked for. And then, the words are spoken: “Doubt no longer but believe” (Jn.20:27).

I close the Bible, close my eyes and open my heart, open that secret place where my multi-faceted doubt is rooted, deep, deep within… Doubt that I am accepted by God as I am. Doubt that I am forgiven and will be forgiven as often as I return to him. Doubt that he walks with me on the paths of my daily experience. Doubt that he will enable me to become what he wants me to become. Doubts, so many of them… What can I do, what can I say? The words come of themselves – the very words pronounced long ago: “My Lord and my God!” (Jn.20:28). There is really no need to add anything more…

Source: Image: pinterest.com


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