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28th Sunday of the Year, C

A wealthy businessman, owner of a prosperous company, tells the story of how, one day, he decided to help one of his employees. The man had come to inform him that he had to leave the company. univ-of-reading1213716-hand-school-office-study-academic-studies-paper-photocase-stock-photo-large_jpegWhen he was asked why he had taken this decision, the man explained that he had received from his doctor the verdict that… he had about six months to live. The businessman knew that this employee had wanted his eldest son to go to the university but, of course, now it would not be possible.

The owner of the company decided to pay for the young man to go on with his studies to become an engineer. The rich man satisfied with his good deed soon forgot about it. Five years later, on a rainy evening, a young man was at the door asking to speak to the businessman. Such a night-time visit was very unusual but the man’s surprise was still greater when he discovered that the visitor was the young man whose studies he had paid for. The visitor said: “Sir, for four years I have benefited from your generosity. Today, I have managed to obtain an important contract I come to thank you.”

As he was about to leave, the rich man asked: “What about your cousin adopted by your late father. I paid for his studies as well. Has he finished his course?” The visitor bent the head and replied: again-thank-you“He has left last year to… to… see the world. He did not do his last exams…” The businessman knew that there would be no ‘Thank you’ coming from that side…

Yet, the experience he made was… more positive than that of Jesus! One out of two people came to thank him for his help. While Jesus had cured ten men (Lk.17:11-19) and only one returned to thank him for his healing.

‘THANK YOU’ – two small words that can make such a big difference! They make the helper feel that what he has done has been noticed and appreciated. And they make the one who received help to become a person who can recognised the goodness and generosity of a fellow human being. It may even enable him, or her, to become other-centered and selfless themselves!…

Source: Images: www.photocase.com   www.getreading.co.uk   youngclergywomen.org


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