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27th Sunday of Year A – 2023

The authors of the books of the Bible sometimes use a writing technique to help us understand something about God.
They ascribe to God some human attributes, or ways of being.
We have an example of this in today’s 1st reading with the text of the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 5:1-7).

In this text, we meet someone who has taken great care of his vineyard.
He was full of hope to get from it rich and juicy fruits but… this did not happen.
All he got were sour grapes.
The man is so disappointed… he asks himself:

“What more could have been done for my vineyard than I have done for it?”

The prophet then leads us to understand… the disappointment of God himself!
Strange to say but… yes, God can be disappointed…
Disappointed with the lack of response from those to whom he has given countless blessings.

Could it be that… we are among those?…
Those blessed by God in all kinds of ways and not recognizing his gifts.

Not recognizing especially his desire that we welcome him into our lives…
His desire that, as his children, we become more and more like him…
His desire that we treat all people as he does with understanding and compassion…
His desire that we be happy ourselves by making happier people around us…

This present time may be a moment to become aware… a time of recognition…
A time when, at long last, we SEE all that God has done for us…
And bear the fruit he is hoping to get from us…

Note: Another text is available on a different theme, in French, at: https://image-i-nations.com/27e-dimanche-de-lannee-a-2023/


Source: Image: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church





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