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22nd Sunday of Year C – 2022

The texts for the Sunday celebration are rich and varied – they offer plenty to think about.
Sometimes there is so much given to our reflection that some expressions escape our attention…
It happens that some words, at the end of a text, may go unnoticed as we have already moved to the next paragraph.

The 1st reading of this Sunday (Si 3:17-18,20,28-29) has a thought that should NOT escape our notice.
It is found at the very end of the reading and says:

“An attentive ear is the desire of the wise.”
God knows – indeed – that words, sounds, noises of all kinds, keep our ears busy the whole day long.
Specialists can count the decibels involved in a whisper or a thunderclap, but… can they measure their impact on us?…

Do we have this wise desire of being attentive to what we hear?

  • The quiet invitation to pause a while and listen…
  • The gentle call for compassion…
  • The subtle request for help…
  • The softly spoken words of regret…
  • The discrete inspiration from the depths of ourselves…
  • The challenging invitation to a commitment…
  • ‘The sound of silence’ as the well-known song has it… *


 All of them – and more – can translate God’s voice unmistakenly.
They can transmit his message… always personalised!…

‘An attentive ear’ – something God cannot refuse if only we ask for it…
And how astonishing may be what we… finally come to hear!


* Simon and Garfunkel

Note: Another reflection is available on a different theme in French at: https://image-i-nations.com/22e-dimanche-de-lannee-c-2022/


Source: Images: unsplash.com



  1. Teresa Peñafiel

    Quel commentaire approprié à notre temps! Si seulement on s’attarder à prêter une oreille attentive à ceux qui veulent nous dire quelque chose! Si on nous apprenait à écouter plutôt qu’à faire de dissertations sur un sujet qui nous intéresse « à nous »! La communication est un sujet à la mode…et pourtant, on dirait qu’on est témoins souvent des « dialogues de sourds ». Je me permet de copier votre texte pour le partager. Merci.

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