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20th Sunday of Year C – 2022

We are in constant need of correction of our thoughts and images about God…
Yes, an ongoing need to adjust to God being… the kind of God he is!

Today’s Psalm (Psalm 40) can help us to do this.
Two verses are especially helpful:

“The Lord inclined to me, and heard my cry…
The Lord thinks of me.” (Ps.40:1,17)

So often we imagine God to be high above, or far away.
Sad to say, we think that he remains untouched by what happens to us…
He is so great, so powerful, eternal and unmoved, as we are, by human emotions…

The Psalmist who wrote the text above believed otherwise.
He was convinced that God, having heard his request for assistance, bent down to help him.

He was sure that the Lord was thinking about him.
How many of us share in this conviction?…

The ‘landscape’ of our daily life could be completely changed if we did!…


Note: Another reflection is available on a different theme in French at: https://image-i-nations.com/20e-dimanche-de-lannee-c-2022/


Source: Images: Pinterest   Walking with Jesus – tumblr




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