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33rd Sunday of Year A – 2023

Warnings… we receive some of them from different sources.
Relatives and friends who want what is best for us will occasionally give us a warning about something possibly dangerous for us.
Articles from magazines, or other published materials, can also warn us about health hazards, or accidents of some kind.
Of course, social media offer much advice and warning about things we should be careful about.

Today, the 2nd reading of our celebration has also the form of a warning.
It comes in the letter that the apostle Paul wrote to the first Christians of Thessalonica (1 Thessalonians 5:1-6).
The warning is about something very important indeed: it refers to our way of living as Christians.

Paul tells us:
“Let us be awake and sober”.

It is a call to be vigilant, to remain attentive to what is happening and… careful about what could happen.

There are people who pretend that whatever is to happen will happen and they cannot do anything about it!
They have given up any responsibility for their choices and actions.
They have forgotten about God’s presence and what he expects of us.

They go through life sleepwalking; they close their eyes to the reality they should be facing.
They are oblivious to God’s coming… God’s coming which is possible, probable, certain in fact and…
at an hour we do not know!

But this is NOT a threat, it is the eventual fulfilment of all that our human existence is about:
meeting God and living with him for a life of happiness that will never end…
if only we are awake to welcome him!


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12th Sunday of Year A – 2023

“Life is not easy” – nobody would rashly deny this statement.
Everyone has in mind many occasions when this has proved true.
Difficulties of all kinds come our way and make life something of a struggle.

How do people cope with situations where they are faced with problems?
What do they do to overcome the obstacles that they are confronted with? 

Some try to fight those who oppose them.
Others flee hoping to escape the threat and the enemy.
Some others look for help from people around them.
But such help is not always available, people are often unable to help, or refuse to do so.

Today’s 1st reading presents us with the prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 20:10-13).
The message he spoke was not welcome and many of his people are against him.
He is aware that he is in serious danger, and he needs help.

He looks for assistance – real assistance where he is sure to find real support.
He addresses himself directly to God saying:

“To you I have committed my cause.”
I wonder how many of us dare to do the same:

  • Confiding to God whatever is a threat to us…
  • Relying on him being absolutely sure that he will not abandon us…
  • Depending on him with complete trust that he will not leave us without help…

Some may say that this is not easy either…
Perhaps… but the result can be amazingly rewarding!…

It may have already proved to be so for some of you…


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3rd Sunday of Advent, Year A – 2022-2023

Reading God’s message week after week, we are sometimes struck by an idea.
A short text perhaps, or even a single verse, can draw our attention and… we remain there.
It seems that we cannot keep on reading…
We are caught by something which has touched us in a special way.

This is the case, this Sunday, with the words of the prophet Isaiah telling us (Isaiah 35:1-6,10):

        “Courage! Do not be afraid.
        Look your God is coming…
        He is coming to save you.”
Salvation is a word with meaning of different kinds:

  • salvation from a painful situation, or a real threat,
  • salvation from a serious disease, or a loss of some kind,
  • salvation from an enemy, an attacker,
  • salvation from crippling feelings – helplessness, guilt, shame…

We often hear the word salvation in relation to our sins – the situation of being estranged from God.
We are aware that we need help…
Where will it come from?

Isaiah assures us that our God is coming.
God HIMSELF is the one who will rescue us from whatever threatens us.

Is this not amazing?
God has not sent an angel, he did not ask a great prophet, or another saintly personage, to save us.
He has chosen to come HIMSELF – in Jesus – to free us from whatever prevents us from:

  • being the people he wants us to be,
  • living in close friendship with him.

God HIMSELF… I keep repeating these words and I marvel at the reality they express…
I can count on him, I can rely on him, for whatever I need to be truly the person he had in mind when he created me.

So, no fear or anxiety, only peace and serenity…
A comforting message in this period of Advent…


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