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11th Sunday of Year B – 2024

The readings of our celebrations are many and they are rich in what they offer us.
The third reading – the gospel – brings us to Jesus himself, what he said and what he did.
Today’s last verse of the gospel has a message for us.
It tells us that Jesus spoke to his listeners in parables meant to make his words understood by them (Mark 4:26-34).

But this verse adds:
“When he was alone with his own disciples, he explained everything to them”.

We may be tempted to envy them!
They lived daily in the presence of the Master.
He was there, always ready to explain his message to them and answer their questions.
When they failed to understand something that he had taught, they could ask him to speak about this again.

Yet… he is also with us…
Oh, not visible, of course, and his voice cannot be heard as yours and mine can be.
But his presence is no less real.
And we also have been given his promise –
the promise that his Spirit will remind us of what he said and make us understand his message (John 14:26).

Perhaps, what is needed is for us to take the time –
the time to sit quietly and listen again…

Listen to his words in the Bible…
Go for a walk in nature and listen to what he will silently inspire us…
Sit in our favorite corner of the garden where we can be by ourselves and remember what he told us already…

The remark of a neighbor…
A conversation with a friend…
The text of a book…
A priest’s homily…

All of these can be the way the Spirit will reach us today, and tomorrow, and…
And, suddenly, Christ’s message will take on a new meaning… an inspiration… for now, and later!


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Easter Sunday, Year B

It may have happened to you :
In a moment of candid admission, someone will say:
‘I rush all the time; my life is a non-stop running here and there. I can hardly breathe any more…’
Life can be hectic and the demands placed on us often fill our days.
Speed is of the essence if we are to carry out all the tasks we have taken on.

Many of those in such a situation will probably feel some comfort from today’s gospel text
(Easter, Year B – Jn.20:1-9) where people are also running:

“Mary of Magdala… came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved.”
“Peter set out with the other disciple to go to the tomb. They ran together.”
Reading this text, it is good to pause – yes, to stop running – and ask ourselves what our running is for, and where it is taking us to…

We are told that Mary of Magdala set out very early, it was still dark…
Why? She was looking for Jesus. At least, for Jesus’ body as she did not expect to see him alive.
The same can be said of the two apostles who made for the tomb after Mary’s report that Jesus’ body was no longer there.

The Easter celebration is, in fact, all about this: Jesus’ absence and Jesus’ presence.
A new mode of presence to which the disciples – and we – must adjust to.
And this, more than anything else perhaps, demands that… we stop running a little –
long enough to realize that he is always with us and often in the most unexpected situation!

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